One of the fun activities of the evening is the student photo slideshow! We need photos of seniors of all ages to showcase in a multimedia display. We would like to see as many seniors as possible!  If you have pictures of your senior and their friends in groups shots, we can use as many as you can get together. For single student shots, try to limit to 2 or 3 pictures for each student – this way we can get a variety of students in the slides. Most importantly, GET PHOTOS IN EARLY! 😉

There are a number of ways we are collecting:

You can also submit them on a CD or Jump drive to:

  • Project Graduation, PO Box 3083, Lawrence, Kansas 66046

LASTLY, if you have no ability to scan or provide digital copies, you may submit hard copy photos. Photos will be returned if they are marked accordingly.

The photo committee will combine as many photos received as possible into a slide show to be presented throughout the Project Graduation event.